Queen City Days 2016:Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 149

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Hustling this one to YouTube so you know where the FFF are tonight. (Food, Fun, Fireworks!) It' s Queen City Days at Wargo Park in Olyphant, PA! And this year they have really gone all out! Check it out!


St Ubaldo Day - The Race of the Saints: Shuta Multimedia Vlog 148

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This Episode shows highlights from the 2016 St Ubaldo Day, AKA the Race of the Saints or La Festa Dei Ceri in Jessup, PA. This year we put extra focus on the Procession of the Relic of St. Ubaldo, which culminates in the start of the race. (And of course we got lots of action from the race!) A great time was had by all! Just like all the other years!


Every year, on memorial day weekend, La Festa Dei Ceri is celebrated in Jessup, PA. This festival celebrates the actions of Bishop Ubaldo Baldassini, who was canonized as St. Ubaldo. St Ubaldo rescued the town of Gubbio, Italy by talking Barbarossa out of sacking the town. Before he could return with the news, the town was overcome with fear and panic. Lacking CNN or any social networking sites, and with his health failing, Ubaldo needed a way to tell the town he was fine--in a hurry. So he had himself carried on a platform carried by young men from the town. They ran through the city, calming the population. In Gubbio, this event was reenacted by carrying a statue of St. Ubaldo along the same route. Later Statues of St. George and St. Anthony were added. When immigrants from Gubbio settled in Jessup, PA, they brought this tradition with them.

Thus, in Jessup, PA, the Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend is St. Ubaldo Day, and it culminates in the Race of the Saints.

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Friends of Shannon Mcdonough - Splashin' With Compassion: Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 147

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In honor and memory of Shannon Mcdonough, her friends have organized an annual event to raise money for young people (16-25) with cancer.

Shannon ended this journey on earth at the age of 23. And this year in her memory over $10,000 was raised for young people facing the same fight.

How did they do this? With really cool raffles and a physical challenge that few would approach, let alone approach it with this level of style--a polar bear plunge.

In this video, taken at Montage Mountain on January 30, 2016, you will see a Montage of Generosity and Human Kindness; of Thrill Seekers going for the gusto; and a whole bunch of people saying "WOW IS THAT WATER COLD!!!"

Daytime temperatures ranged from 25F to 31F - always below freezing. But that didn't stop people from coming out--many times in elaborite costumes--and braving the icy cold waters.

Seriously, there was ice in there. Lots of it.

In addition to the raffles--which included a massive "Sled of Cheer" and many other fantastic prizes--local cancer organizations were on hand to provide information and support.

I say this all the time, but seriously, a great time was had by all.


  • Stephanie Schofield
  • Dr. Don Strasburger ( - (570)563-2565 or (570)290-3833
  • Nancy from the American Cancer Society (800)227-2345
  • Wendy Egan
  • Stephanie, Patrick, Maryann, Kaley and Angela
  • Cindy (Aka Rhianna)

Santa's Train Comes to Olyphant 2015: Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode146

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For the 19th Year Santa has come to Olyphant and other towns between Carbondale and Scranton via one of Steamtown's diesel trains. (This year it's a Delaware & Lackawanna 405.)

A large crowd was on hand to see Santa, along with a band playing Christmas Music, a juggler, and a sketch artist. The children then got to see Santa at the Olyphant American Legion, where there was food, beverages, and gifts handed out by Santa.

A truly great time was had by all.

Special thanks to all those who made it happen. A surely incomplete list follows:

  • Steamtown
  • The American Legion
  • The Lions Club
  • The Regal Room
  • Lou's Pizza
  • Many downtown Olyphant Businesses that donated prizes
  • Custom Cycle and Auto
  • The Excelsior Hose Company

On a side note, Shuta Multimedia wishes you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and that all your Holidays be blessed.

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First Friday in Scranton, December 2015 : Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 145

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December 4, 2015 brought us yet another First Friday in Scranton, and the cameras of Shuta Multimedia were there! The first friday of every month in Scranton, talented artists of every kind come from all over the area to share their art, their music, their moves, and most of all their time. You never need wonder again what to do on a Friday--at least if it's the First Friday of the month!


  • Music by Steve Werner (and friends)
  • Kristin Martelli, LMT, BCTMB of Green Ridge Om & Wellness
  • Camera for a Cure: Timmy Walsh
  • The Mystery Musician at the Terra Preta Restaurant
  • Heidi Hooper - The Andy Warhold of Dryer Lint, aka The Lint Lady
  • The Junior League of Scranton Remembers the Globe Store
  • Actress Trina Elnora
  • Mohammed and Tiger of the Exhale Hookah Lounge and Kabob Grill
  • Belly Dancing by Miss Elle Extraordinaire

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