Steam Train Nickle Plate Road 765 in Dunmore :Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 140

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This big steam engine huffed and chuffed its way past Myrtle street in Dunmore with lots of people cheering and taking pictures! The Nickle Plate Road 765 Locomotive is part of Railfest at Steamtown going on this weekend, at the same time as La Festa Italiana! (BTW, shout out to my buddy Dani-elle who will be playing at La Festa @4:30 on Saturday. #NashNext @Danisingz) It's a really great weekend to be in Scranton!

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2015 Bucket Brigade of Bucks:Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 138

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Looking for a late summer block party with a chance to win some much needed cash? Check this out! Every year the Excelsior Hose company in Olyphant, PA puts on a great event with food, beer, music, games of chance, and a massive raffle with tens of thousands of dollars in prizes. If all the tickets are sold, the prize money goes in to six figure territory.

This year the music was performed by Black Tie Stereo!

For more information, check out Excelsior's page at

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2015 Holy Cross Chicken Barbecue: Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 137

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Thanks again to everyone who made the Chicken BBQ such a success, providing the crucial elements needed for any Church Chicken Barbecue Event. (Or CCBE if you're into acronyms.)

Music by John Quinn

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2015 Steamtown to Olyphant and Queen City Nights: Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 136

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July 11, 2015, The cameras of Shuta multimedia took the train ride from Scranton, Pa to Olyphant, PA, on another Steamtown Excursion. This led to another walking tour of Olyphant featuring John Sedlak Jr.,Lauren Telep, Councilman Jerry Tully, Jay Luke, Patrick Marcinko III, Father Nestor Iwasiw, and The Very Reverend Paul Schellback. Plus we get some insights from people who took the tour.

From there we head to Olyphant Queen City Nights, with interviews with Carol from Main Street Bagel, The one and only Gail Bosak, Russen's Sports Bar, The Mattadore, Lolly-Chops from Reaper's Revenge, and The Bonyard Boyz.

Music by the Fallen.

If you're ready for a deep dive into Olyphant, check this video out! For more info, check out the links below.

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