Lung Cancer Alliance:Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 125

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November 2, 2014, the Lung Cancer Alliance, Pennsylvania Chapter, was working in the wind to spread lung cancer awareness on the Courthouse Square in Scranton, PA.

Lung cancer has one of the lowest survival rates of any cancer, while simultaneously receiving one of the lowest amounts of funding. Yet it is one of the most common types of cancer! Each flag planted represents 100 people who will die from lung cancer this year. And it doesn't just affect smokers! The only prerequisite for getting lung cancer is having lungs.

Check out their FB page at and their website at if you would like to help in the fight. You can also help if you check out, which features the art of Tim Walsh and benefits lung cancer charities! Check out the video for more!

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2014 Olyphant Trunk or Treat: Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 124

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On October 25, 2014, The Olyphant Crime watch conducted it's annual "Trunk or Treat" and the cameras of Shuta Multimedia were there!

Members of the community donated their time, their creativity, their candy and the trunks of their vehicles for the event.

Held at the Wargo Sports Complex, aka Fern Hill Park, there was a contest for best decorated vehicle, popcorn and cotton candy in the gazebo, and hot dogs and beverages inside the Eureka Hose company.

Local fire departments displayed their trucks, and the Olyphant police were offering free children's fingerprinting for their security.

Well over four hundred costumed children attended the event, which was a massive success. A great time was had by all!!!

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What Good Can Come from the Dragon's Egg?

Let's review. On October 14th the New York Times published a piece titled “The Secret Casualties of Iraq's Abandoned Chemical Weapons.” The piece described in detail how soldiers were often exposed to chemical agents in Iraq, due to finding thousands of warheads. Worse, some of these warheads had been used by insurgents in improvised explosive devices (IEDs) The dates of exposure range from 2004 to 2011.

Interestingly, these were the same dates when we were repeatedly and exuberantly told there was nothing there.

Shortly afterward, Foxnews reported that one of the largest bunkers, the so called “Dragon's Egg” bunker, has been taken by the terrorist faction know as either ISIS, ISIL, or just IS depending on your preference.

In another Foxnews article, it was stated that ISIL has captured some old Russian fighter jets and is getting training from Saddam's old pilots.

These are the ingredients typical of one of Jonathan Maberry's Joe Ledger novels, not the evening news.

If you're initial reaction is that you've been lied to for a decade or so, fear not, as the Times tells us all of these weapons were made before 1991, so they don't factor in to the war justification used by President Bush. That was all about new weapons of mass destruction (WMD's) not old ones. These even had rust on them. And nerve gas probably has an expiration date, right? (No pun intended.)

I'm willing to let all of that go. It's in the past. And it gives historians a lot to sort out, which will be great reading somewhere down the road.

There is a much bigger problem here. An organized terrorist group has unfettered access to chemical weapons. (Again, let the historians do the finger pointing as to how that happened.) The only way to remedy this situation is gather an army and invade. Then you have to control the territory for the next several decades while you meticulously destroy the WMDs. It will be nigh onto impossible to do this simply with bombing. ISIL is almost certainly moving the WMDs around. This is a shell game that we can't afford to lose.

This is not the much bigger problem. It's just the background for the much bigger problem.

This country has been told for over a decade that Bush lied about WMDs to justify sending an army into Iraq. Will anyone believe it when Obama uses the same justification? Will anyone support another full fledged, grease up the tanks and load the M16s, boots on the ground war in Iraq? It's not like we can do this quickly or cheaply or without loss of life. War doesn't really accept comparisons--very little is as bad as war.

Sadly, somethings can be as bad--or worse.

I'm guessing if things continue as they are, that support is not going to come until something unthinkable happens. (Like what? Look up unthinkable.) Then there will be calls to turn the whole middle east into a glow-in-the-dark-glass parking lot rather than send in troops.

None of that is adequate. We need some serious leadership talent here. We need the government to take a hard look at what is real, acknowledge it, internalize it, strip away all ideology and make some real decisions. They can't be locked into a playbook. They've got to think. Is there a more creative way of dealing with this problem? What else can we do?

Last time I checked, Joe Ledger had his hands full.

God Does Not Lose

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What do you write in the card for the family of someone who was murdered?

In December 2008 I had to do this, as one of my friends was murdered not a hundred feet from me. What I remember writing was something like this:

In the time of great danger,

like any good parent,

God came down and

whisked His child away to His arms,

In perfect safety and peace.

It's been almost six years, but I remember the sentiment that was given to me well. God does not lose, you see. Evil can try all it wants, but God will either protect us or bring us to Glory.

The family and friends of Cpl. Bryon Dickson should hold on to this truth well. Their agony and loss are both temporary, as they will be reunited with Bryon once again. They are on the team that does not lose.

His fellow officers should also cling to this truth, and should not feel any remorse for surviving this cowardly attack. There should be no survivor’s guilt. God has work for them. They are on the team that does not lose.

Right now hundreds of police are move thorough woods and homes and cabins, searching for either evil and madness, and the difference between the two is for philosophers to wonder. Their courage is astounding, knowing the dangers they face—and they understand the situation well. But they go in anyway. They are on the team that does not lose.

Their families and friends are with them in spirit, wrestling with the demons of fear and anxiety. I hope they understand: They are on the team that does not lose.

Thousands of people are sheltering in place as I write this, staying away from the windows lest their life be taken from them. They too must rest in God's ever watchfulness. They are on the team that does not lose.

Somewhere, the family and friends of the gunman, Eric Frein, are also in agony. Imagine your child becoming a destroyer of lives. Imagine that your best hope is that he dies quickly, or somehow summons enough sanity to surrender? How much more hopeless can a situation be? Even in this they should have faith that this can be resolved without more death and destruction. They need to be on the team that does not lose.

And finally there is the gunman, Eric, who I'm betting doesn't have internet but I will speak to as I would anyone who feels they have gone too far, done too much, and is beyond forgiveness.


Walk out of the woods.

End this horror.

It is the only way you can face justice in a way that you can, though the grace of God Almighty, Who's power, peace and forgiveness flows through all, find your way off the losing team.

Infect Scranton 2014:Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 123

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Once again the cameras of Shuta Multimedia braved the yearly invasion of the dead; meeting the infected face to face. That's right we were at Reaper's Revenge in Scott Township, near Montdale, but somehow in Olyphant, for Infect Scranton 2014. Thanks again to Shannon Kieth for putting on the event which includes a 5K run--during which participants are actually chased by zombies (or are made up as zombies and chase.)

Actors, actresses, and authors involved with the Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre were there, offering insight and really great stories.

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  • Michael, Christine, Brittany, and Amanda
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  • Dan Yeager
  • R.A. Mihailoff
  • Michael Koske
  • John A. Russo
  • Jacqueline Druga
  • Andy Hershberger
  • Arnold Blumberg
  • Addy Miller

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